Where Can Berlin Parents and Babysitters Go With Children When the Weather Is Rainy?

Wohin können Berliner Eltern und Babysitter mit Kindern bei Regenwetter gehen?

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That’s so annoying: it’s raining, storming or snowing outside! Bad weather can be a real ordeal for Berlin parents, the childminder or the babysitter – specifically when the children are in a real mood to play. So many adults ask themselves the question: “Where can we go in Berlin with children when the weather is bad?” We say: to the children’s café Spielzimmer!

We welcome you to our family café Spielzimmer in Prenzlauer Berg. Whether the day-care center is closed, it’s pouring rain outside or you just want a change of scenery – feel free to come by. Experience lots of fun in our parent-child café and treat yourself to one or two delicacies. In a cosy, relaxed atmosphere, you can get to know other parents with children, chat and simply spend valuable time together.

What To Do When It Rains With Babies and Older Children? Discover Bad-weather Activities in the Children’s Café Spielzimmer With Indoor Playground

The children’s café Spielzimmer in Prenzlauer Berg is fortunately more than just a warm place during bad weather. Parents, babysitters and childminders can discover all kinds of exciting activities for children when it’s raining. So you’ll be in a good mood despite the chilly autumn, bitterly cold winter, defiant April weather or the odd summer shower.

In the parent-child café Spielzimmer at Helmholtzplatz there are all kinds of great play opportunities for children during rainy weather. Babies and toddlers can discover the ball pool and the toys in the toddler play area. Or why not check out our selection of children’s books such as picture books together. Older kids will certainly enjoy the slide cars, children’s books or the costumes in the dress-up box. The absolute highlight is the colourful indoor playground with nets, tunnels and slides. The little ones can really romp around there.

Where Can You Have Breakfast With Children in Berlin During Rainy Weather?

You’ve woken up and the mood is about to change because the sky is cloudy or thick raindrops are falling against the windows? Then save the morning with a delicious breakfast in the Spielzimmer family café. Enjoy a family breakfast together and fortify yourself for the day. We serve a sweet breakfast, a hearty breakfast, a vegetarian breakfast or a large breakfast, depending on your wishes. So enjoy your breakfast with rolls, sausage, cheese, jam and eggs. Are you planning a special day, but it’s in danger falling through because of rain? Then why not book your family breakfast with us online in advance?

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Where Can You Celebrate Children’s Birthday Parties With Children When It Rains?

It is particularly annoying when it rains on a child’s birthday. If you can foresee that there will be unpleasant weather on your child’s day of honour, then you can book your children’s birthday party at the children’s café Spielzimmer. Children born in winter can celebrate warm and cosy with us as well. Or do you want to enjoy delicious ice cream in spite of the summer rain, so that the young party guests can still have that summer feeling? That’s also possible at Spielzimmer, because our parent-child café is also an ice cream shop. So have a cosy children’s birthday party in the indoor playground despite the lousy weather!