Fantastic Indoor Playground for Day-care Groups in Prenzlauer Berg

Fantastic Indoor Playground for Day-care Groups in Prenzlauer Berg

We also warmly invite the children of day-care groups to discover our indoor playground and children’s play area. Book the children’s café Spielzimmer. Your visit as a day-care group is possible in the mornings during the week. You can reach our family café on foot from the tram stop Husemannstraße (M10).

  • Duration: 1 hour for € 2.00 / child
  • Duration: 2 hours for € 3.00 / child
  • Duration: 3 hours for € 4.00 / child

Free admission for adults – educators receive a free hot drink of their choice.

Book a fun time for your day-care group at our children’s café and indoor playground Spielzimmer


Colourful Indoor Play Fun for Day-care Children at the Children’s Café Spielzimmer

Even before breakfast, a day-care centre’s children want one thing most of all: to romp around together! They have a natural urge to move and discover our world through physical activity. Playing in a group also strengthens the sense of community within the day-care group. Three things are important for those small and big adventures: a child-friendly place, food and drinks.

The children’s café Spielzimmer combines those important factors: Our indoor play area offers older children space to crawl, jump and run around. The toddler play area is a cosy corner for children who still crawl. A selection of other play opportunities round off the experience. Meanwhile, the educators can enjoy a hot drink – a delicious coffee, for example.

So go ahead: treat your day-care group to an exciting excursion to the children’s café Spielzimmer. It’s a great way to bring some variety into your childcare routine and experience something new (not only on grey rainy days). We are looking forward to your visit! And if you ever ask yourself the question: Where to take your child when the childcare centre is closed? Then we would like to invite you to our parent-child café as well!