Day-care Centres, Kindergartens or Schools Are Closed in Berlin – Where To Take the Child?

Day-care Centres, Kindergartens or Schools Are Closed in Berlin – Where To Take the Child?

This really upsets our everyday family life: the nursery or kindergarten is closed or the school is cancelled. The reasons for day-care centre, kindergarten and school closures can be very different: perhaps there is a warning strike, a viral disease is circulating or the educators or teachers are ill. Either way, we as parents then ask ourselves: Where to take the child?

Fortunately, there are solutions to defuse the situation: Perhaps a parent can take spontaneous leave. Or a family that is also affected by the kindergarten, day-care centre or school closure will take in your child for the closing days. However, being in such a flat, many children quickly get cabin fever. This can be even more the case when they are “emergency cared for” together with other children. Many of the offspring then start to whine. That’s totally understandable: after all, many of the little ones want to get out and really experience something – instead of sitting around inside walls all day.

Child-care Centre, Kindergarten or School Closed? Let’s Go to the Berlin Children’s Café Spielzimmer

So let’s get up and go on a play adventure: when the weather is nice and the sun is shining, park and playground call out loudly for the children. But what about when it’s uncomfortable outside? In autumn and winter, for example, it’s often cold outside. But even in spring and summer, rain and wind spoil many a playground afternoon. Your solution for such emergencies: Why not visit our children’s café Spielzimmer with indoor playground in Prenzlauer Berg?

At the Berlin family café Spielzimmer, you can enjoy real playtime fun at any time of year and in all weathers. Whether it’s raining, storming or snowing – discover our colourful indoor playground, the toddler play area with ball pool as well as all our toys. Browse through our picture books, test our push-along cars or check out the costumes in our dress-up box. Thus, your little darlings have numerous wonderful opportunities to romp around at Spielzimmer.

Those who play should also eat! Luckily, all kinds of child-friendly treats are waiting for you in the parent-child café Spielzimmer. There are sweet delicacies as well as savoury snacks. For example, you can look forward to freshly baked waffles, sandwiches or freshly prepared fruit and vegetable platters. When it comes to drinks, we’ll be happy to spoil you with coffee specialities such as cappuccino, organic teas, children’s milk, cocoa and all kinds of soft drinks.

Day-nursery Is Closed? Enjoy a Delicious Breakfast in the Parent-child Café Spielzimmer

You want to save the start of the day with a great family breakfast after the shock of the kindergarten, nursery or school being closed? That’s also possible at the children’s café Spielzimmer. You can book four different breakfast variations for families with children: a sweet breakfast, a hearty breakfast, a vegetarian breakfast or a large breakfast. Enjoy bread rolls, jam, sausage and eggs for breakfast – and try to make the most of your day together. Afterwards, treat yourself to a delicious ice cream sundae in our Berlin ice cream parlour.

Child-care Centre, Kindergarten or School Is Closed on Your Birthday? Celebrate a Children’s Birthday in the Family Café Spielzimmer

The worst case scenario is when such a day of closure of a kindergarten, day-care centre or school falls on the birthday of one of your children. After all, the birthday child surely wanted to be celebrated by the other children there on their special day. If you know in advance that there will be closing days, you can book a children’s birthday party at the indoor playground in advance. That way, your birthday child can look forward to a wonderful children’s birthday party despite the circumstances.

By visiting the parent-child café Spielzimmer in Prenzlauer Berg, you have found a great answer to the question “Where to take your child when nursery, kindergarten or school are closed?” We look forward to welcoming you!