The Children’s Café Spielzimmer at Helmholtzplatz in Berlin

The Children’s Café Spielzimmer at Helmholtzplatz in Berlin

The children’s café Spielzimmer cordially invites you: babies, children, and parents! Drop by to enjoy a few hours of discovery, adventure, and enjoyment!
We are a diverse blend between a children’s café, indoor playground, ice-cream parlour and celebration venue for family in the heart of Prenzlauer Berg, near to Helmholtzplatz. The entrance fee for children to our children’s café is € 2.00 / hour.

From parent to parent: we love to spoil our favourite customers – your children – with a large indoor playground and an extra play area for little ones, including a ball pool. Spielzimmer is perfect for younger children.

Get together in our family café to enjoy a relaxed and easy atmosphere.

Current opening hours of the children’s café Spielzimmer

  • 18. May 2024  09:0013:30

  • 19. May 2024  09:0018:00

  • 20. May 2024  10:0018:00

  • 21. May 2024  10:0018:00

  • 22. May 2024  10:0018:00

Spielzimmer – child-orientated fun and adventures & a relaxing café for parents

When you enter our multi-coloured Spielzimmer, you will be greeted by an inviting atmosphere. Our charming café, suitable for the whole family, is filled with the sound of children laughing. The smell of cakes and the aroma of tea and coffee fill the air. Fun and enjoyment are the number priority here! Spielzimmer is a feel-good gathering place for young and old: cosy and friendly, but full of life and authentic. In our Berlin family café, the hustle and bustle is a welcoming place for younger children too, as well as mothers and fathers who can enjoy chatting about their day-to-day family life (which isn’t always child’s play).

Like the children, grown-ups will get their money’s worth: Spielzimmer is a coffee & cake paradise! Dear Mums and Dads: come and relax with some sweet, hearty snacks – such as hedgehog slices or quiche. If you can, try and switch off for a while. Browse the web with our free wi-fi, read a book, or get to know other parents. Spielzimmer is a great meeting place for parents and the perfect place to enjoy a coffee with friends. While our delicious snacks and drinks delight your palate, fill your stomach, and warm your heart, you can watch your children dash about happily. Sometimes a stray ball will roll past your table. Maybe you will enjoy looking through a picture book with your little ones. Underfloor heating guarantees a comfortable temperature even on cold days.

Playing in our diverse children’s playground makes you hungry:

Little ones (and older ones) with a sweet tooth can satiate their hunger and appetite here.
We lovingly serve great dishes and look after our guests with delicious food and drinks. Our gastro area and featuring a cake counter usually offers the following:

  • Sweet baked items such as cakes and biscuits as well as freshly baked waffles
  • Snacks such as fruit salad
  • Hearty snacks and dishes such as various quiches
  • A small but delicious range of breakfast options in the morning
  • refreshing drinks such as juices and sodas
  • Coffee varieties such as latte macchiato or cappuccino
  • Various fresh tea varieties such as ginger, mint or lemon

Are you looking for a venue for your child’s next birthday celebration?

Come and celebrate in our children’s café Spielzimmer. Upon request, a maximum of 20 people can celebrate here, in our rear section, allowing you to enjoy each other’s company more. Instead of reserving individual tables, you can also book the whole family café for a private party.

Of course, we will provide you with delicious cakes, freshly baked waffles, and excellent coffee.

Book directly:


The unique indoor playground in Prenzlauer Berg

Adventure calls! Versatile, colourful – and a real child-magnet: this is our indoor playground! It doesn’t matter whether it’s the weekend, afternoons or when you ask yourself the question: “Where to take the child when the day-care centre is closed?” This exciting world of adventure is waiting for active children who love to explore. Here, kids can let their fun side go wild. They can whoop and scream, play and frolic – exuberantly, and full of life. Whether they love to climb, hide or chase each other, children have plenty of options to explore this indoor playground creatively. All kinds of opportunities for play are waiting for children aged between 3 and 10 years of age: They can rush down a little slide, throw themselves into a ball pool, go up a climbing frame with safety nets, test their strength on a punching ball and explore a tube.

Young children’s play area for toddlers in Prenzlauer Berg

We have even thought of your little ones too: toddlers up to 3 years of age can conquer the young children’s play area. Our welcoming toddlers’ corner will delight children with its ball pool and large building blocks. Here, there is plenty of room for up to 10 playful little ones. Of course, this area also features separate benches for parents to keep an eye their children.

We thank you for your understanding

At times we can get incredible busy, which means that we have to cater for many guests at the same time. Unfortunately, to ensure that we can meet the needs of all our visitors, we sometimes have to turn people away at the door. This is the only way that we can guarantee satisfactory customer service.

For hygiene reasons, we request that prams, bikes, balance bikes etc. are left outside the café. As caterers, we rely on the sale of food and drinks. For this reason, we thank you for not bringing food and drink from outside into our café.

Thank you for your understanding!