Exclusive New Year’s Eve Party With Children in Berlin

Exclusive New Year's Eve Party With Children in Berlin

“…8, 9, 10 – Happy New Year!” New Year’s Eve brings us together as a family. But sometimes it’s not so easy to start the new year with children. In Berlin, it’s crazy at the turn of the year. It can get uncomfortable with children. So come and celebrate with us at the children‘s café Spielzimmer!

The children’s café Spielzimmer is your child-friendly New Year’s Eve party location for families with children in Berlin. Thanks to the indoor playground and toddler area, the kids can play their way into the new year. You can also request a private party for the following day, New Year’s Eve. We look forward to seeing you!

Fantastic Children’s Games for New Year’s Eve in Berlin

You want to sweeten the time until midnight with fun games? Nothing could be easier. How about the following ideas for New Year’s Eve in Berlin?:

  • Little ship oracle: Fill a large bowl with water. Stick notes with your wishes for the new year all around the rim. For example, a trip around the world, good health, a baby brother or sister, or a new children’s book. Now place a walnut shell (your future-foretelling boat) on the water. Then each guest takes turns stirring the water with one finger. According to your oracle, the wishes where the walnut ship docks will come true
  • Wax pouring: Lead pouring, which used to be so popular, is now banned. Instead, however, you can predict your future just as fun with funny wax pouring sets. The best thing to do is to have a base ready – and then see what figures are created. Of course, the adults should keep an eye on the little ones or (depending on their age) pour the wax for them.
  • Hat memory: For playing, bring paper hats. You need twice to three times as many as there are guests present. You can now hide small game pieces underneath the hats. Two of them must be identical. Now the kids uncover two hats each, just like in a classic memory game. If an identical pair is found, the finder can keep the figures. For younger children, take away the empty hats. For older children, they remain standing – this keeps it exciting!

Start the new year with lots of joy!

New Year’s Eve Party as Self-catering
  • exclusive use of the entire premises
  • use of the entire inventory
  • undisturbed playing in the indoor playground, in the toddler play area and with all toys
  • look forward to great fun with all your loved ones
  • well-swept handover after the party

Duration of the party: up to 8 hours – Costs: € 350.00

Book the children’s café Spielzimmer for New Year’s Eve in Berlin now!