School Enrolment Party in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg

School Enrolment Party in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

The school enrolment celebrations in Berlin and Brandenburg move children and parents alike. The kids proudly carry colourful Schultüten (cone-shaped containers with little gifts for the first day of school) in front of them. On their backs are big school bags. Every face beams at us with joy. First graders are terribly excited on their first day of school in Berlin. Parents and grandparents alike are often moved to tears. This just calls for a school enrolment party with family and friends! But where to celebrate? Berlin’s party locations for first-day-of-school celebrations are often overcrowded. Plus: Many of them are also not suitable for children.

Our parent-child café in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg has the solution: the children’s café Spielzimmer is equipped for the new pupils in Berlin and Brandenburg: especially for those who are lively and active. Our indoor playground and toddler play area are real kids’ magnets when starting school. That way, the young school starters can celebrate their new phase of life in a fitting manner. And of course in the company of their loved ones!

As a private party, you will be looked after by your own service staff. That way, your first day of school party in Berlin and Brandenburg is particularly personal. You spend your time together with your loved ones in a very private atmosphere. The child is the centre of attention on their first day at school! After the public enrolment ceremony in school with all schoolchildren, a more private party is especially nice.

Tips for Your Berlin School Enrolment Party

After the first round of romping, it’s time for the happy new schoolchild to unpack their School cone with joyful anticipation! Many small gifts are revealed: friendship book, lucky charm, reflectors for the school bag, a timetable template and much more.

By the way: Younger siblings will be happy to receive a sibling school cone. It is usually a little smaller, but just as lovingly designed. That way, you can include the little sister or brother in the festivities.

Afterwards, the kids might want to read, draw or dress up? Our many possibilities to play make it possible. Children’s games such as “I spy” or “Twenty questions” will make the little rascals laugh.

Since all kids from Berlin and Brandenburg start school on the same day, you should book the date with us in good time. We look forward to seeing you!

Private Enrolment Party With Service Staff
  • exclusive use of the entire premises
  • a service person will look after you throughout the party and keep your backs free
  • festive decoration
  • delicious catering according to your wishes (e.g. breakfast, cake or evening buffet)
  • you can play undisturbed in the indoor playground, in the toddler play area and with all toys
  • look forward to great fun with all your loved ones

Duration of the party: 6 hours – Turnover guarantee: € 750.00

Private School Enrolment Party as Self-catering
  • exclusive use of the entire premises
  • use of the entire inventory
  • undisturbed play in the indoor playground, in the toddler play area and with all toys
  • look forward to great fun with all your loved ones
  • well-swept handover after the party

Duration of the party: up to 8 hours – Cost: € 350.00

You can easily book your private school enrolment party with service staff online

As a closed private school enrolment party with service staff you enjoy our full service:

  • You can easily book your family celebration as a closed party online via this page. (Please note that booking is only possible online.)
  • One week before your party, we will discuss all your individual ideas with you personally – so that your family party with children will be a great success.
  • You pay a deposit before your party – either directly with PayPal when booking or within a few days in cash on site. You pay the rest at the end of the party.
  • When the big day arrives, you can simply relax in our family café and enjoy your very own unique closed-party celebration.

If you book the café as a closed private party, we close it for all other guests. This means that we lose turnover. The agreed minimum turnover of € 750.00 is therefore made up of € 300.00 for room hire/staff costs and € 450.00 for catering/drinks. If your expenses and costs are higher than the calculated sales guarantee price, an increased final invoice may be issued.

Book the children’s café playroom now for the first day of school!


Do you have any questions about the school enrolment party at the children’s café Spielzimmer? Please feel free to contact us.

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