Berlin Mothers’ Meeting for Mothers on Parental Leave

Berliner Mama-Treff für Mütter in der Elternzeit

From mum to mum: After pregnancy, many mothers in Berlin are looking for a mum meeting place. That is because many new mums are desperate to meet other mothers. And that is so understandable: during parental leave, many feel the need for exchange. We like to get together with other families to talk about the turbulent everyday family life with babies and children. That is because some days are super exhausting, while there can also be boredom, especially during parental leave.

It would also be nice for many mothers and fathers if the child had friends of the same age. And on top of that, some would like to know the relationship tips and tricks of other parents. These are all good reasons to actively change something. So where can we meet other mamas? At the Berlin children’s café Spielzimmer!

Find Berlin Mums From Nearby: At the Mum’s Meeting Children’s Café Spielzimmer

Our parent-child café in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg welcomes you: Come by and meet other families with children in a cosy atmosphere. Among them are many mothers with children who live near the café. Make new acquaintances over fresh waffles and latte macchiato – and in the best case make real parent friends. For children, interaction with their peers is even more important: because this can promote each other’s development.

Besides being playmates, the children are also role models for each other. The offsprings gather common experiences and can learn from each other. This can promote bonding skills and social interaction. These experiences can in turn have a positive effect on your child’s self-image. With increasing “practice”, your little darling will feel more secure and self-confident in children’s groups such as day-care groups or kindergarten groups.

The children’s café Spielzimmer is a wonderful place for a Berlin mum’s get-together. There are lots of great play opportunities for your children here. Toddlers can have fun in the toddler play area inclusing a ball pool. Older kids are sure to enjoy all our child-friendly toys. The highlight for them is of course the colourful indoor playground!

Meet Other Parents at the Mum’s Meeting for Having Breakfast Together

If you want, you can meet regularly in the family café Spielzimmer. Such a fixed date in one place can help you grow together as a group of mothers. You can exchange ideas and support each other. Would you like to start the day together as a mothers’ meeting? Then why not book a breakfast with children? Depending on the size of the group, we serve each breakfast individually, a breakfast table buffet or a large breakfast buffet. It’s great to chat over bread rolls, cheese, sausage and jam. And the children can take their well-deserved play breaks right next door. We wish you many friendly encounters and valuable acquaintances at Spielzimmerin Berlin!