Celebrate Your Birthdays With Children at the Berlin Children’s Café Spielzimmer

Feiert im Berliner Kindercafé Spielzimmer eure Geburtstage mit Kindern

Birthdays with children are an exciting party fun for young and old. At a birthday party with family and friends, everyone should of course have great times – adults and children alike. But especially the little birthday guests want child-friendly activities on an adult birthday. After all, kids are often used to colourful children’s birthday parties. That’s why many adult birthday children in Berlin ask: “Where can you celebrate an adult birthday with children in Berlin?”

Your Birthday Celebrations at the Family Café With Indoor Playground in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg

At the children’s café Spielzimmer in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg, there are many great reasons to celebrate an adult birthday with children. The kids’ highlight is the colourful indoor playground. For babies, there is an extra toddler play area including a ball pool plus child-friendly toys.

The adults can sit comfortably together and enjoy coffee specialities – and eat snacks and meals together with the kids. In a relaxed atmosphere, you can celebrate a wonderful birthday with adults and children full of enjoyment, fun and games.

Who do you want to invite to your birthday party with adults and children in Berlin? For example, you could celebrate a family birthday, thus a classic family party. You’ll probably invite grandma, grandpa, auntie, uncle as well as little and big sisters plus brothers. As grandparents, celebrate your birthday with grandchildren. Or you can organise a party with a larger birthday group and invite godmother, godfather, neighbours, friends and good acquaintances. The latter can be, for example, mothers who are friends of your Berlin mothers’ meeting or children from your kindergarten group. Whether it’s a milestone birthday, a birthday with a number with all digits identical or an age in between – why not come together at the children’s café Spielzimmer and celebrate the new year of your loved one’s life!

Where Can Grandparents Celebrate a Birthday With Their Grandchildren?

Celebrating a beautiful birthday with several generations can be a great experience, but also a real challenge. So why not celebrate the grandparents’ birthday or the grandchildren’s birthday in a party location where everyone can have a lot of fun together. At the Spielzimmer family café in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg, grandmother and grandfather as well as granddaughter and grandson come together in anticipation to celebrate their birthdays.

Grandparents and grandchildren enjoy their festive meal together in the café and chat comfortably. In the play breaks, the grandchildren watch as grandma and grandpa enjoy a coffee or treat themselves to a snack. Conversely, the grandparents smile and happily watch their beloved grandchildren playing in the toddler play area or the indoor playground. Of course, big and small can also play together – toys for babies and older grandchildren await curious offspring!

What Can You Do With Children on a Birthday?

In the parent-child café Spielzimmer, children up to at least 9 years old can experience lots of playtime fun. Discover two floors of mats and nets to romp on in the indoor playground. Kids can wave to the other party guests from the bridge and test their strength on the punching bag. The little ones can race down the double slide into the ball pool side by side. A tunnel, play pyramids and a hanging play element invite the children to play as well.

The toddler play area is a small play paradise for little ones up to 3 years old. There’s a separate ball pool for the toddlers. A bench for mum and dad as well as lots of exciting toys for the little ones round off your play break.

In addition to the indoor playground, other activities await older children at the Spielzimmer family café in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg: Flip through our children’s books. Race around on the slide cars. Also dive into imaginative worlds thanks to the costumes in our dress-up box.

With all these varied activities for children on a birthday, everyone has a lot of fun on the big day of the birthday party. So the adult birthday with children in the parent-child café Spielzimmer becomes a fantastic memory for young and old alike.

What Kind of Food Suits an Adult Birthday Party With Children?

Of course, a lovely adult birthday with children is accompanied by suitable festive food. How about a sweet birthday pie, a birthday cake or fresh Belgian waffles, for example? You can also get other birthday dishes such as brownies, canapés or a hearty quiche from us. We are happy to serve you a delicious breakfast as well. In summer, you can choose from a selection of ice creams and ice cream sundaes. For children, there are popular children’s dishes such as hot dogs, as well as fresh fruit or vegetables to snack on in bite-sized pieces. You have the choice of how to put together your festive birthday buffet. Feel free to discuss the details with us.

Enjoy Your Birthday With a Family Breakfast

You can book your adult birthday with children as a breakfast. For up to 20 people, you will receive a classic breakfast. If you have more guests, we will serve you a delicious breakfast buffet. Should you wish to be among yourselves, then book our Berlin breakfast location as a private party. This way, your birthday party can have breakfast in peace and have the entire parent-child café Spielzimmer to themselves.

Book a Family Birthday Breakfast in the Children’s Café Spielzimmer Now


On top of that, you can look forward to delicious drinks. Adults, for example, can enjoy a latte macchiato or cappuccino. The children will certainly enjoy a water, a children’s milk or another refreshing drink. Classics such as popular sodas and juices are also available, of course.

All this sounds good and you are already planning your next birthday? Then why not book your birthday party online with us? We wish you an unforgettably wonderful adult birthday with children in the children’s café Spielzimmer.

Your Exclusive Birthday Party With Children for up to 50 Guests

As a private party at the Spielzimmer you can enjoy the following advantages:

  • Exclusive use of the entire premises
  • A waitress or waiter will take care of you throughout the whole party and keep an eye on your group
  • Party decoration
  • Delicious catering tailored to your wishes (for example, breakfast, cake or evening buffet)
  • You can play undisturbed with all kinds of toys in the indoor playground and the toddler play area
  • Look forward to having fun with all your loved ones

Length of the party: 3.5 hours – Sales Guarantee: € 600.00
Length of the party: 8 hours – Sales Guarantee: € 1200.00

You can easily book your private party online

As a private party you enjoy our full service:

  • You can easily book your family celebration as a private party online via this page. (Please note that booking is only possible online.)
  • One week before your party, we will discuss all your individual ideas with you personally – so that your family party with children will be a great success.
  • You pay a deposit before your party – either directly with PayPal when booking or within a few days in cash on site. You pay the rest at the end of the party.
  • On the big day, just come to our family café and enjoy your individual celebration as a private event.

If you book the café as a private party, we close it for all other guests. This means that we lose turnover. The agreed minimum turnover of € 600.00 is therefore made up of € 250.00 for room hire/staff costs and € 350.00 for catering/drinks. If your expenses and costs are higher than the calculated sales guarantee price, an increased final invoice may be issued.

Book a Private Party for Your Birthday at the Children’s Café Spielzimmer Now!